Orem Club

The Orem Karate-do Shotokai club originated as a 4H club at American Fork Junior High. The club moved to Orem Junior High in 2019.  Practices are once a week for about an hour and a half, and are taught by 1st degree black belt David Gillis.

Don't have any experience? Don't worry, in Shotokai all club members of all levels practice together to learn and grow from one another.

Don't have a uniform? No problem! Just wear a t-shirt and sweats and come join us!


Monday, 3:10pm-4:20pm

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Club Instructor

David Gillis, Black Belt 1st Dan

"The best things in life come from hard work and dedication." ~ David Gillis

Since his childhood in Albuquerque New Mexico, David has had a love of martial arts. In high school, he paid for Tae Kwon Do classes because his parents would not. Later, while a student at Brigham Young University, David met Kyle Brunner, an American Karate-Do Shotokai instructor. David trained for nine years to achieve his black belt. During that time he got married, graduated from college, got a full time job teaching English Language Arts and became father to three wonderful children.

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