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What is American KDS?

        "KDS" stands for Karate-Do Shotokai.  Karate-Do is the Way of the Empty HandShoto was a pen name for Gichin Funakoshi (O'Sensei)--the widely acknowledged father of modern karate. Kai means group.  Thus Shotokai is "O'Sensei's Group" who study and teach the Way of the Empty Hand.
      Mitsusuke Harada Sensei (see video at the side), trained personally with O'Sensei and was awarded the highest rank of 5th Dan by him.  He continues to further this art as head of the KDS based in the UK.  He visited America personally in 1998 and adopted American KDS as the only group here practicing under his direction.

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Our Mission

   We seek tranquility in the midst of conflict or danger, and strive to control our bodies, minds and emotions to be able to avoid conflict when possible, defend ourselves as necessary and protect others when able.

How Do I Join AKDS?

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