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Because Harada Sensei's techniques are practiced worldwide, many different languages are spoken at practice sessions.  In order to promote safety, clarity and understanding, all clubs use common Japanese terminology (even our youth clubs).  Below is a list of basic terms to be familiar with (see file below for more in-depth translations from an interview with Harada Sensei himself): 

Stances - Tachikata
   Zenkutsu dachi - forward stance
   Kokutsu dachi - back stance
   Kiba dachi - horse (riding) stance
   Fudo dachi - immovable stance
   Seiza - kneeling position
   Hachiji dachi - standing/ready posture

Hand Techniques - Tsuki-te
   Oi tsuki - forward punch (chasing punch)--a step-through attack
   Mae te tsuki - front hand (jab punch)
   Gyaku tsuki - reverse punch
   Uraken - back of the fist (strike)
   Empi - elbow attack
   Shomen uchi - large arc hand strike

Kicking - Geri
   Mae geri - front kick
   Yoko-geri kekomi - side kick (thrust)
   Yoko-geri keage - side kick (upward)
   Fumikomi - stamp-in kick
   Mawashi-geri - roundhouse kick
   Mikazuki-geri - crescent kick

Blocks - Uke
   Gedan barai - low sweep
   Age uke - rising block
   Ude uke - forearm block
   Uchikomi - hammer striking block
   Teisho barai - palm heel sweep
   Shuto-barai - sword hand sweep
   Shuto uke - sword hand
   Morote-uke - both hands (augmented block)
   Aori Geri - foot block

General Training Terms
   Kata - forms
   Kihon - basics training
   Kumite - engagement match
   Ten no kata - basic application
   Ippon kimute - one step engagement
   Sanbon kimute - three step engagement
   Hiki-te - pulling hand
   Irimi - to avoid by entering
   Gedan - low level
   Chudan - mid level
   Jodan - upper level
   Yoi - ready
   Yame - stop
   Yasume - rest
   Kime - focus


The following file contains illustrations that may prove helpful for reinforcing correct execution of techniques. These were drawn by Debbie Prince, 2nd Dan. 


Technique Illustrations



The following document contains additional translations of specific terms taken from a discussion between 2nd Dan Peter Enyeart and Sensei Harada about the meanings and derivation of important terms...

Japanese Terms

KDS Vocabulary - Japanese Translations of Basic Karate Terms - Translations by Peter Enyeart - 2011.pdf








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