Visiting Instructors

We have been privileged to host a number of highly skilled instructors from all over the world.  Their visits to America to impart their knowledge and expertise over the last twenty years have been invaluable.  Provided below, for use by clubs and news/media outlets as they report on courses, are their biographies and the years they visited America to teach us.

Sensei triplepane - BW

NAME: Master Mitsusuke Harada Sensei
RANK: 5th Dan, Principal of the Karate-Do Shotokai (KDS)
VISITS: BYU, Provo, UT, 1997

       BIOGRAPHY:  Mitsusuke Harada was born in Manchuria, China in 1928 and at about 15 years of age began his karate training in Tokyo. His first lessons at the famed Shotokan would be give in 1943 under Master Gichin Funakoshi (O'Sensei) himself along with his son Yoshitaka. Harada continued training while he studied economics at Waseda University.
       One of Funakoshi’s students, Shigeru Egami, noticed Harada’s abilities and invited him to train with him one-on-one, which he did daily for a year and a half. Harada also trained with other martial arts masters including: Wado Uemura, Yoshiaki Hayashi, Motonobu Hironishi, Taao Okuyama, & Hiroshi Nogushi (Waseda instructors), Masatoshi Nakayama (of JKA fame), Tsutomu Ohshima (founder of Shotokan Karate of America), as well as Taiji Kase, and Hidetaka Nishiyama. At the age of 28, Harada
received his 5th Dan certificate (the highest grade possible), signed by Master Funakoshi in 1954. With O'Sensei's blessing, Harada introduced karate to South America by starting a club in Brazil in 1955. After later teaching in France and Belgium, Harada moved to England in 1963 as the first Japanese karate instructor to live in Great Britain, and was honored for services to karate with the title of MBE by Queen Elizabeth in June of 2007.
       Harada has dedicated his life to evolving the effectiveness of self-defense principles through the study of kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, and physics. In addition to basic technique, his training focus includes such essentials as mobility, stability, muscle control and the delicate connection between them all. Harada strives to evolve his practice methods through rigorous experimentation.
       Today he continues as the Principal of the non-profit Karate-Do Shotokai (Shoto’s Council) or KDS, which is based in the UK and has participating clubs around the world.  Three books have now been published on his life, philosophy, practice, and the history of karate.
       In 2014, Harada Sensei will celebrate his 86th birthday and continues, as masterfully as ever, to teach and personally practice with his students around the globe.


Tony Lima Stop Kick

NAME: Tony Lima
RANK: 5th Dan, Senior Instructor, KDS Technical Executive
VISITS: Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, 1995, 1997

       BIOGRAPHY:  "I became interested in Karate at the end of 1973. At that time there was no karate club in Gibraltar. Myself and 5 other friends got together and started to inquire. We heard that there was a man from the UK working in the ferry ship between Gibraltar and North Africa that knew karate. I went to meet him and his name was Bob Pugh. Purely by fate, he had been practicing in the UK with Harada Sensei in the early 1960's and was one of the original first 16 black belts that Sensei graded in Britain.
       “We agreed on practice times and dates and off I went to arrange a practice hall. Hence the first karate club in Gibraltar was born in February of 1974.
       “We brought Harada Sensei to Gibraltar in November of 1975. Since then he visited us on an annual basis and I also went with him to North Africa where he had a great following at that time (about 1000 members!).
       “I was graded to 1st Dan in 1976 at the special annual UK Summer School training course, and have attended every single Summer Shool since then for the last 38 years!  I was graded to 2nd Dan in 1978.
       “By 1979 I felt that if I wanted to improve further I needed more exposure to Harada Sensei himself, so in June 1979, I resigned from my work in Gibraltar and went to live in UK. I chose to live in Southampton since at previous Summer Schools I'd enjoyed practicing with them and also when I was studying in UK I had attended the Naval College in Fareham which is only a short distance from Southampton.
      “In the UK I traveled to most of the UK courses with Sensei and then he began to ask me to start accompanying him to courses overseas. I have since traveled with him to Gibraltar, Morocco, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Poland, America and Japan.
       “In Nov 1980 I was graded to 3rd Dan.  In July 1981 I was graded to 4th Dan.  In Nov 1984 I was graded to 5th Dan.  I've been  a member of the UK Technical Executive group since 1979 and have practiced continuously for over 40 years. I travel within the UK and abroad giving karate courses and also accompanying Sensei on the courses that he gives worldwide."

Marie kicking Jari

NAME: Marie Kellett
RANK: 5th Dan, Senior Instructor, KDS Technical Executive
VISITS: Brigham Young University, Provo, UT (1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009); Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA (2010, 2013)

       BIOGRAPHY:  "Biography..."

Roy cradle - LaTech

NAME: Roy Margetts
RANK: 5th Dan, Senior Instructor, KDS Technical Executive
VISITS: BYU, Provo, UT (1999, 2002, 2006, 2008); LaTech University, Ruston, LA (2006, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014)

       BIOGRAPHY:  "I first started my karate training in Penarth (a town in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, in the United Kingdom about five miles south of the Welsh capital city of Cardiff) in January of 1977.  I wasn’t really aware of different styles of karate—I just joined a local club, which, fortunately for me, happened to be Karate-Do Shotokai (KDS).
       I had my first grading just under a year later when I received my green belt.  My next grading was to Brown belt at Summer School in England in 1978, and I progressed through the ranks being awarded my 5th Dan black belt in 1993, an achievement of which I’m immensely proud.
       In the early days of KDS, there were not as many local training courses in my area of the UK as there are today, so to get to see Sensei Harada, you had to travel.  I first saw him at a course in 1978 in his club in London, and after watching his demonstrations, I was hooked!  From then on I attended training courses all over the UK and continue to do so today.
       I first trained overseas in the mid 1980’s by going to Finland.  It was enlightening to notice that although we practice the same method, there was a different identity, the Finns were putting their own personality into the practice.  This is something I have noticed in all other countries over the years—none less so than in the USA.
       I first came to the USA in 1999 (if memory serves correct).  There was an eagerness to learn and a thirst for knowledge.  I don’t think I have ever been asked so many questions—which was excellent as it made you reflect on what you had learned and subsequently look at practice in a different light.  I have been back to the United States many times throughout the 1990’s up until my last trip in 2012 (8 times in total) and I am really pleased to see how individuals and the group have developed over the last twenty years.  I am honored to be a visiting instructor at the 20th Anniversary Course in Ruston, Louisiana.
       I wish you all continuing success and look forward to future visits to celebrate and practice with you."

Steve Hope 2009

NAME: Steve Hope
RANK: 5th Dan, Senior Instructor, KDS Technical Executive
VISITS: BYU, Provo, UT (2004, 2007); LaTech, Ruston, LA (2009)

BIOGRAPHY:    "Biography..."

Mark and Jeremy Auri-geri

NAME: Mark Hallam
RANK: 5th Dan, Senior Instructor, KDS Technical Executive
VISITS: BYU, Provo, UT (2000, 2012); LaTech University, Ruston, LA (2014); BYU, Provo, UT (2017)

BIOGRAPHY:    "I began practicing karate in 1980 at a local club in Stoke-on-Trent in the Midlands of England. The instructor at my first club had practiced with Harada Sensei from 1963 until approximately 1973 when he left the KDS. In 1988 contact was re-established with the KDS and I left the club to follow Harada Sensei’s teachings directly.
       I set up the Stoke-on-Trent KDS club and immediately began attending every UK course I could. Sensei at this time was at all UK courses so it was an opportunity I knew I couldn’t miss. I was attending over 25 weekends every year from the late 1980s all through the 1990s. Gradually Sensei started to use me as a demonstration partner (as was the case with my seniors). As I progressed I also started to accompany Sensei overseas which has always been a fantastic experience for me. In 1993 I gave my first solo international course in Vaasa Finland.
       By 1994 the Stoke-on-Trent KDS group had grown and the club moved into a local University and became Staffordshire University KDS. I continued to travel every weekend I could, keeping up the same schedule, and in December 2000 Sensei graded me to 5th Dan.  It was then I also became a member of the UK Technical Executive.
       With Staffordshire University KDS well established, I along with other local instructors, also began coaching at the University of Keele, in North Staffordshire, and in 2007 the Keele University KDS club was established.
       Practicing karate is my passion in life and it has been fantastic to see how different cultures approach the same fundamental subject. It has also been fascinating to see how Sensei approaches different situations in different countries. Over the years I have travelled to Gibraltar, France, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Israel, Poland, USA and Japan. I continue to travel attending or running courses throughout the UK as well as overseas.
       Being a student of Harada Sensei has changed my life.  I have been fortunate enough to train personally with Sensei and assist him on many courses all over the world. I have to say that it has been and continues to be quite an “adventure” to say the least, and one I feel lucky, thankful and privileged to be a part of!"

Patrik tekki belt practice

NAME: Patrik Hautenan
RANK: 5th Dan, Principal Instructor Finland KDS
VISITS: LaTech University, Ruston, LA (2010, 2012)

BIOGRAPHY:    "Biography..."