Marie Patrik LaTech


The Philosophy Behind Our Practice


Our Mission Statement:
    We seek tranquility in the midst of conflict or danger and strive to control our bodies, minds and emotions to be able to avoid conflict when possible, defend ourselves when necessary, and protect others when able.

Our Motto:
   - Discipline
   - Integrity
   - Respect

Our Two Governing Principles:
   1. If you don't get touched, you don't get hurt.
   2. If you hit someone, make sure they go down.

Our Three-Part Framework (details below):
   A. Kata
   B. Kihon (ten-no kata)
   C. Kumite

A. KATA: Set routines combining basic techniques. More than just for simulating combat situations or to improve focus, the way kata is used to develop muscle chaining is unique to KDS practice.

B. KIHON: In Kihon (basics), techniques taken from kata are practiced in slow, controlled, repetitive situations with a partner in an atmosphere free of anxiety or tension. Part of this practice is known as Ten-no Kata, wherein partnerships practice full speed attack and defense exercises one at a time while striving to maintain proper body condition.

C. KUMITE: This practice can move from one-step (Ju-Ippon Kumite), where a single attack is agreed upon, to free sparring (kumite), where partners test their fighting skills without mats, pads, or referees.