5th Dans Mark Hallam and Jeremy Crook building Body Condition

Body Condition

AKDS training aims to improve a person's body condition: which is the state of being settled and relaxed, while focused and mobile. Harada Sensei's unique exercises set our practice apart from other training regimens. Some aspects of our practice include:


The basic vocabulary of martial arts (punches, kicks, blocks, stances, etc.). Aligning the skeleton in accord with natural laws allows for the creation of structures sufficient to accept and redirect the flow of energy that give techniques their power.

Muscle Control

Rigidity is a flawed body condition, while learning to relax, expand, or fire specific muscles in rapid sequence enables faster response and increased power. Eliminating tension in muscles and joints allows energy to flow toward impact rather than merely touching to get points or pushing for effect.


Being settled in postures (snapshots of movement) enables explosive attack, quick retreat, and strong but flexible structures for redirecting both one's own energy and that of another.


Muscularly controlled motion as opposed to weight-shifting, attained through constant connection or relationship with a partner rather than against an opponent.

Distance & Timing

Moving with a partner, rather than reacting to an opponent, makes possible the sensing of intention and correct judgment of distance, speed, and timing.

Because words fail to express these ideals adequately, the only way to understand KDS practice is to experience them firsthand. We invite those interested in a serious, life-time study to join us at an AKDS club near you!

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