A "Kata" (or form) is a set routine that combines basic techniques which practitioners memorize and perform individually or in groups.

AKDS practice employs kata as a form of "body-building" to aid in correct muscle development. Some styles do kata very fast, out of sync, snapping their gi and yelling out "kiai's." Thanks to Harada Sensei's genius in practice development, AKDS kata are performed in a unique way that improves the body condition necessary for economy of movement but which lack tension, while simultaneously maintaining power and control. Come experience the difference for yourself!

NOTE: The kata on this site are organized into eight small groups and listed in the kata menu in roughly the order one should learn them. Although it can be quicker to learn kata in person with a group, karateka are encouraged to try to learn them on their own using the videos provided, as this method requires intense effort and concentration while providing opportunity for somewhat deeper reflection.

Our Kata Repertoire:

  • Beginning Kata...

Taikyoku Shodan, Nidan, Sandan

Heian Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yodan, Godan

Tekki Shodan, Nidan, Sandan

Kanku Dai

Bassai Dai

  • Some more Advanced Kata...

Bassai Sho

Kanku Sho









  • Bo Kata...

Taikyoku Shodan with bo



Shu-Shi No Kon

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NOTE: When translating martial arts terms, the meanings of the names of the kata are especially ambiguous.  Harada Sensei has stated that even Japanese karate practitioners (including himself) aren't quite sure just what some of them mean.  Theoretically many of them are based on famous duels that occurred in the distant past, and theoretically some of the names may have something to do with the circumstances of those duels.

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