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Univ. of Oregon Shotokai Karate Club

The University of Oregon Karate-do Shotokai Club in Eugene, first began practicing in 2016.  Practices are twice a week for about an hour and a half, and are taught by 5th degree black belt Jeremy Crook.  Don't have any prior martial arts or karate experience?  Don't worry, in Shotokai all club members of all levels practice together to learn and grow from one another.  Don't own a karate uniform?  No problem!  Just wear a t-shirt and sweats (no shorts or jewelry please), bring a water bottle, and come join us for a safe, fun, and enlightening workout!



Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm
Saturdays, 9-10:30am

*(see detailed schedule for youth and adult clubs below)

Contact Instructor for Details:



Youth AND Adult Club Summer Practice Schedule 2021*...

*NOTE: The schedule below is subject to change as life happens!  All practice sessions are currently held at the Instructor's personal dojo--contact him for details.  Currently Oregon mandate requires participants to wear a mask during practice, so bring your own and a water bottle--the dojo does not currently have running water--see you at a practice session soon!

       SAT, 23 Oct:  9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 26 Oct:  6-6:50pm (youth),  7-8pm (adults)

       SAT, 30 Oct:  9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 2 Nov:  6-6:50pm (youth),  7-8pm (adults)


       TUE, 9 Nov: 6-6:50pm (youth), 7-8pm (adults)

       SAT, 13 Nov:  9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 16 Nov:  6-6:50pm (youth), 7-8pm (adults)

       SAT, 20 Nov:   9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 23 Nov:  NO PRACTICES (Thanksgiving Holiday Break)

       SAT, 27 Nov:  NO PRACTICES (Thanksgiving Holiday Break)

       TUE, 30 Nov:  6-6:50pm (youth), 7-8pm (adults)

       SAT, 4 Dec:  9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 7 Dec:  6-6:50pm (youth), 7-8pm (adults)


       TUE, 14 Dec:  6-6:50pm (youth), 7-8pm (adults)

       SAT, 18 Dec:  9-10am (adults)

       TUE, 21 Dec:  NO PRACTICE (Christmas Holiday Break)

       SAT, 25 Dec:  NO PRACTICE (Christmas Holiday Break)

       TUE, 28 Dec:  NO PRACTICE (Christmas Holiday Break)

       SAT, 1 Jan:  NO PRACTICE (New Year’s Holiday Break)

Club Instructor

Jeremy Crook, 5th Degree Black Belt

Jeremy is the President of American KDS. He was born in Colorado and has lived in Idaho, Utah, Washington, England, Louisiana and Oregon.  He holds a bachelor's degree in psychology with a minor in Hebrew from Brigham Young University, and a master's degree in Adult and Organizational Learning from the University of Idaho.  Jeremy has studied various martial arts for over 40 years (including kendo), and joined Harada Sensei's KDS as a founding member of the first USA club in 1994.  He was awarded his 5th Dan by Harada Sensei in Wales, UK in 2016.  Jeremy oversees all organizational operations for AKDS, and travels to teach nationwide.  He instructs at his personal dojo in Springfield, Oregon.

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